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Way to make your workout more effective

Updated: Feb 15, 2023

Hi all,

Today I'm gonna share really important muscles.

I have own my test category for my clients.

I always test those two muscle before starting training.

The hip Flexor Group

Hamstring Muscle group

Why those muscle important?

They are connected all pelvic and they are very strong muscle actually.

Pelvic is located center of the body. It is rerated all movement of you mechanically.

but most people have them which are so weak and tight. it means those muscle lost their function.

because of sedentary life, computer, telephone and not enough movement life.

If you have weak and tight hamstring and hip flexor, definitely you will have a poor posture and plus you have a bad metabolism.

so I would recommend you train those muscle in priority.

see you my instagram live session soon.

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