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You should know this, it's a secret that fit people do every day(Lifelong sustainable Method)

What is intermittent fasting?

Intermittent fasting is a type of diet that involves periods of eating and fasting.

There are several different types of it, but the most common ones are:

  1. 8PM to 12AM: you might skip breakfast and only eat between 12PM and 8PM(for 8h).

  2. Alternate day fasting: Fasting every other day and eating normally on non fasting day, on fasting day, you can consume up to 500 calories.

  3. 5days - 2day diet: eat normally for five days a week and fasting 2 days with 500-600 calories.

What are the benefits of intermittent fasting?

-weight loss

-improved insulin sensitivity

-Reduced inflammations

-Improved brain function


I would like to share my experience in a more sustainable way.

In 2016, I had experience fasting between 8PM to 12AM and between 6PM to 10AM. In my case, I got a good result with a “6PM to 10AM regime” which helped me digest better (4h or 5h) before sleep, and I can sleep deeply, and in the morning, I can feel my body very light. It makes me more motivated to eat well and healthy. So I’m able to continue it as long as possible, even if it's not too hard.

Why did I choose 16H fasting and 8h feeding between 18h to 10h?

First, In Korea, there are some research and experiments, tested and recommend the most effective method is that between 18h to 10h.

second, I can keep my breakfast, it means I can consume antioxidants (=fresh fruits)

Until now, I've been fasting one or two times per week. when I had a big and long dinner, definitely the day after I stop to eat at 18h or even at 16h. For example, when I had a week vacation and I do fasting every day for two weeks right after my vacation.

From an evolutionary perspective, our ancestors from hunter-gatherer society have evolved to perceive lack of food as a life-extension crisis. So we should know that we have the gene for wanting to eat more, and this produces different results now. This is not necessary for us at all, it just annoys us.

I would recommend several tips.

  1. No need to choose only one type of fasting method. You can change or mix it one or two, depending on your schedules and your condition.

  2. Try to listen to what your body say, general condition like hungry, energy, sleepy, happy.

  3. No reduce your quantity of food, should eat well during eating time.

  4. Drink enough water, if you feel thirsty, your brain wants to eat more even if you are not hungry.

  5. Sleep well if not, your brain needs and wants more sugar like snacks, chips, and chocolates.

Next post, I will bring about why we shout eat black garlic.

Have a great day.


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