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My skincare routine

Updated: Apr 16, 2020

Hi everyone, Today, I would like to share my skincare routine and daily make up with you. I have been asked many times about the routine Yes, of course I have.

In the morning: I rinse my face with warm water without a cleansing product. and then I remove the water, only around the hairline, with a towel. So my face is still moist when I put some tonic water and bio lotion on my face and neck.

Darphin intral Toner with Chamomaile, Euro37

Cattier lait corps, Euro12

Directly I use the sunblock cream.

Darphin soleil plaisir, Euro22

And then I put the makeup foundation, eye line and lipstick.

Estee Lauder, Euro55

In the evening: I remove my makeup first with cleaning water product.

Bioderma, Euro11

Then I only use a natural soap with my fingers,I very gently on my face and body as well.

When I rinse my face, I do it with the shower head.

It gives my face a gentle massage and deep cleansing. I have never done a scrub on my face. and also I remove the water around my hairline as soon as possible I put  tonic water and  face oil.

Darphin essential oil, Euro40 to 120

1. Use a natural soap 2. No chemicals cleansing products (it makes skin dry most time in my experience) 3. Don't remove all the water on your skin 4. Don't use too many Skincare products (2 or 3 max) 5. Don't skip to clean your makeup in the evening(This is most important) 6. Everyday use sunblock cream

The most important thing is, eat healthy, sleep enough, drink water more than 2L everyday and do exercise regularly. Of course! not at all helping!! smoking and drinking alcohol!

Love yourself!

Love all!

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