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Belly detox program

Hello friends,

It's definitely difficult time for all. hope you are fine and positive. Now I'm trying to be optimistic. what can I do for me and you? I have thought since our life was changed by this emergency situation. let's do detox to be more healthy. Actually I've never ever seen this kind of detox program!! It's very highly effective!! if you learn it onetime, you are able to do it every year before summer in your life.

Most important key is the time and natural food.

let's see

Week 1, adopting peried, 13H No-eating cycle e.g 7pm to 8am

First, just wake up, every morning DRINK lemon ginger water 200ml or 300ml (easy so easy)

Seconds, at least 20minutes or 30 later you can have your breakfast.

highly recommend, oatmeal 20g up to 40g(you should be nice until lunch time, if you became very sensitive before lunch time, you are able to eat more) with fresh fruits like one apple, some blueberry, kiwis, banana etc.

And then eat your lunch as you want but no process food.

and have a dinner as you want but no process food and FINISH before 7PM

you can drink warm water or no caffein tea during no-eating time

What can you eat?

natural food like blow.(no fast food, no process food)

<Natural protein>

<Natural vitamins & minerals>

I would like to tell you about it in detail and later, because I saw many people not enough eat vitamins and minerals in a day

<Natural Carbohydrates>

I will also give you my opinion later about gluten!!!

Week 2, 14H No-eating cycle e.g 6pm to 8am

All the same like first week, change the time No-eating 14h between 6pm to 9 am.

and have a dinner as you want but no process food and FINISH before 7PM

Week 3 and 4, 16H No-eating cycle e.g 6pm to 10am

week 3 and 4, you can see your well-shaped belly.

We can try to keep this No-eating time 16h between 6pm to 10 am

belly detox second week

6 Feb 2019/ after 4weeks vacation

belly detox the third week

24 Feb 2019

belly detox the fourth week

27 Feb 2019

I would tell you if you do exercises regularly at the same time, you are able to get an amazing plat belly.

For next, I will bring two important muscles for having a good posture and loosing fat fast.

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